Links and Other Info

Below are a number of links to sites of interest to or dealing with PowerSkiff-related information.

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A great website with several PowerSkiff-owning members/contributors. Be sure to check out 'cut runners' PowerSkiff refit thread!

RAZOR PowerSkiff

The current manufacturers of an outstanding PowerSkiff line of boats! Located in Los Angeles, California, their lineup looks really good, construction is all-composite, and the prices are very competitive.

The big thread at

Lots and lots and lots of Hobie PowerSkiff info, but being spread out over 55+ pages of forum discussion makes it difficult to find specific info, and the signal/noise ratio is kind of low. For all that, still a great resource!

HPS Facebook group

Well, it's Facebook, but at least it is about PowerSkiffs! Might be difficult to join; I submitted a 'Friend' request several weeks ago which has not yet been accepted.